Is this writer’s block?   I guess so.   I just can’t think of anything to blog about today so I guess this will could be short or a long rambling segment.

I chose short!!!!

I will say how much I enjoy this blog and how it has let me explain a few things to you about me and even express a few opinions that I don’t address on the radio.

So to keep this short I will just say how grateful I am to be able to do what I do.   Sometimes when the alarm goes off at 4:15 am it is difficult to get out of bed to be here to be a part of your morning,   but it is worth it.

I love what I do!  I get to play radio and guess what?   I even get paid to do this!!!!  SHOCKING ISN’T IT

Today on the morning show Muffins, Vacations and a matter of perspective

Stupid news- Police in Alaska are looking for a thief, and a fire in Iowa

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