Around here at the Cache Valley Media group of stations I am known as the Superhero guy.  Anytime a new Super Hero movie comes out they are stopping me in the halls and asking my opinion kind of like a review.  And since I don’t do crowed theaters I waited until Monday afternoon to go see “Avengers Infinity Wars” with my wife!

So here is my mini opinion without spoilers I hope

Most of the movie was really good.  A mixture of action and some comedy which is what Marvel does great.  There were some shocking moments that should have told me what was to come.  I really thought the director did a great job with such a huge cast of hero’s.   The action was incredible the special effects incredible except one scene with David Banner’s head on top of the Hulk Buster Iron Man suit.

So overall I enjoyed Infinity Wars but the ending (no spoilers) left me somewhat angry.  Maybe I don’t know enough about the Marvel Universe but the ending left me scratching my head.

Now in my defense I was unaware that there was a part two for next May. Knowing that might have changed my mind about the movie.

Because of the ending I was disappointed in the movie but the Popcorn was AWESOME!

Today is national “Have a Coke” Day!

I have enjoyed more than a few in my day so thanks to National today here are the results of a survey on Coke- a Cola

  1. 67% of people say their favorite type of Coke is straight-up Coca-Cola Classic.  16% like Diet Coke the most . . . 10% Mexican Coke . . . and 8% Coke Zero.


2.the most popular way to drink Coke is out of a glass bottle, at 34%.  Cans got 24% . . . fountain soda got 21% . . . and plastic bottles got 21%.


  1. And our five favorite foods to eat with Coke are:  Burgers . . . pizza . . . French fries . . . chicken wings . . . and tacos.

(Dave)  Just to add to the survey I am not a diet coke fan at all.  But a diet cola made by the Coca Cola Company always reminds me of my Mother,

If you are old enough to remember the first attempt at Diet Cola was a product named TAB.  My mother loved TAB, I didn’t!   My cousin loves it.  Oh boy I thought it was nasty.   So why do I think of my mother when I see people drink Diet Coke?   Because of TAB and Honey Buns.

When I was a teenager I had school and my Mother would work from 3 until 11 pm.  So there were times when I didn’t really get to see her for a few days.  Sometimes she would be awake early and offer to take me to school and she would always stop at a store and let me get a soda (probably a Dr Pepper).   I would always ask “What do you want Mom” her reply “A TAB and a Honey bun”

To be honest with you I am smiling as I write this memory and also I have a little tear in my eye.   I know that you can still buy TAB in some stores but I think Mom will forgive me if I just eat a Honey Bun in her honor!


Today in Stupid news it wasn’t popcorn popping on an Apricot Tree they saw and Let’s Get ready to …… get wet.


Laff lines:  Uber drivers