Have you been thinking about your New Year Resolutions yet?  I want to lose a few pounds, no really a few tons.  I have been overweight my entire life.  Face it I am a Big Guy I am 6 ft. 1 with a size 14 shoe and I weigh in at NONE OF YOUR DANG BUSINESS!

Like a whole lot of you it is a struggle to eat right and to exercise, I grew up in the age of fast food and soda.  Big Mac’s, Whoppers, Coke, Pepsi, and even RC COLA (with a moon pie, it’s a southern thing) but as 2017 ends I really would like to drop a few lbs.  I am working out 4 to 5 times a week and it has helped, but as the song goes “FOOD GLORIUS FOOD”

I love all kinds of food, mostly the unhealthy stuff and as I get older and wiser (fatter too) I have found some healthy foods I really like.  Salads with oil and vinegar is awesome, Baked Chicken is one of my favorites but oh how I long for a Buffet.  During the line dancing craze the only line dance I could do was a Buffet line.

Here is one of my favorite Standup Comics John Pinnete on Buffets

As we get ready for the New Year there are plenty of diet plans just make sure it makes sense for you.  Paleo, The New Atkins, South Beach Slim fast, Weight Watchers.   But the important thing is to make some life style changes and learn to say no.  That is not easy this time of the year with all the Christmas treats being brought to my home and to the Station, but do I try —sometimes but being honest not most of the time.  BRING ON THE CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND EGG NOG.  There is always 2018.

Holiday foods lead to BAD BREATH:  Listen here

Stupid news: A Bad Santa, A meat bandit, and a Missing Monkey


Laff lines Dan Soder – Video games