The Beatles are back at Number One on Britain's Official Charts Company with their 50th anniversary super deluxe version of 1969's Abbey Road. Billboard reported the set had "a lead of 12,000 chart sales over the reigning chart-leader, Liam Gallagher's Why Me? Why Not."

Fans are revelling in the new remixed and alternate tracks on the new box, including three full versions of Paul McCartney running through "Her Majesty." The song is featured in one of the most fascinating tracks on the set. Dubbed, "The Long One" -- the band's legendary Side Two medley is presented in an early experimental form -- complete with rough alternate mixes and "Her Majesty" in its original spot -- interspersed between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam."

At the time of Abbey Road's original release in September 1969, Paul McCartney spoke about the inspiration for the set's only fully acoustic track, "Hey Majesty": "I don't know, y'know, I was in Scotland, and I was just writing this little tune. I can never tell, like, how tunes come out. I wrote this tune and it happened to start off 'Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl. . . ' I mean, you could refer, like they refer to a girl as, y'know, 'Lady,' or 'girl,' y'know, like 'Lady Madonna,' or just some sort of name you call a girl. It could be that, too, y'know, 'Her Majesty' (exaggerated accent) worshiping your girlfriend or your wife."

McCartney -- along with Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison -- have all been thrilled with the recent album remixes by Giles Martin and Sam Okell. He said that he's aware a percentage of fans that consider it almost sacrilegious to remix the Beatles' catalogue: "I think there will be people who are purists and want to hear it as it was. And y'know what? It exists as it was. So y'know, play your vinyl. Y'know, that is how it was, but obviously by allowing it to happen, we don't have a problem in cleaning (the masters) up. So for the purists, you stick to the pure sound and let other people hear it clean."