Cats are strange creatures!  Who doesn’t love having a cat siting on your lap asleep with the tail that wags about every 4 seconds all the while that magical purring noise.

Today is National Cat Day, we celebrate cats most people love cats… I said most because there is 15 to 30 percent of us who are allergic to cats.   Then there are people who get tired of cats using their flower gardens as a litter box and leaving paw prints as they walk on their cars.

But today we celebrate National cat day.

I enjoy cats most of the time but sometimes cats don’t like me.    Years ago I went to visit a friend in Provo, she had THE CAT FROM HELL!

As we visited that cat would not leave me alone, it jumped on me, clawed me, bite me hard enough to draw a little blood.  As my friend left the room with me trying to fend off another cat attack I decided my skin had had enough!  Let’s just say we found out a little know cat fact ‘CATS CAN FLY!!!  AND FOR QUITE A DISTANCE TOO”  Now before you judge me know  this I would never and have never intentionally hurt an animal but this cat was like Snoopy’s cat next door.

I even had a cat when I was a kid.  Benny the cat, a great male cat that we found out was not a male cat!  No it was not a transgender cat either and the liter proved it.

Happy National Cat Day

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