The Doobie Brothers are the latest rock legends to come together while in isolation to perform virtually and raise some money for the battle against Covid-19. Co-founders Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston, longtime multi-instrumentalist John McFee, and bassist John Cowan all teamed up to re-record the band's 1974 classic -- and first Number One hit, "Black Water."

Pat Simmons spoke about the special session, telling Rolling Stone, "We knew we would want to share something with others out there who are in isolation just like we are . . . Sending out warm wishes to all of our friends. Thanks to all the angels of mercy who have stepped up to lessen the impact that the Covid-19 virus has had on so many lives. We are partnering with Feeding America for our presentation, and would be thankful to anyone who could make a donation to help our neighbors in need during this crucial time."

Like their peers the Eagles, the Doobie Brothers catalogue has much more in common with the current country scene than the old guard, like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Tom Johnston told us that the common ground between rock and country is closer today than ever: "That has to do with the music scene that's going on now. There's a lot of really good music in country and a lot of the music in country is rock-oriented, if you will. And a lot of the stuff that's being made now has gone away from what it used to be, and so people are coming to a place they feel comfortable."

The Doobies -- with Michael McDonald -- are scheduled to kick off their 50th anniversary tour on June 9th at West Palm Beach's Coral Sky Amphitheatre. Although none of the dates have been postponed. Be sure to watch this space for any updates on the Doobies' upcoming tour.