Drummer John Densmore has nothing but great memories about the Doors' second chart-topper, 1968's “Hello, I Love You.” In commemoration of “Hello, I Love You” topping the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks beginning on August 3rd, 1968, the band will issue a new seven-inch version of the single with its B-side “Love Street.” On September 14th the band will release the deluxe Waiting For The Sun – 50th Anniversary edition.

John Densmore recalled the legendary hit to Rolling Stone, admitting, “What a great opener, 'Hello, I love you, tell me your name,' Like, whoa, OK. That’s aggressive. You’re in love with me but you don’t know my credentials?” Densmore revealed that at first he wasn't entirely sold on releasing the Doors' outtakes as part of the anniversary reissues: “I was against releasing any of this, but I get it. I’ve got mixes of John Coltrane, my idol, doing six versions of one song before they got to the master and I’m interested in that because I want to see the trail.”

Densmore went on to recall, “A fan came up to me and said, ‘Hey, without your music I wouldn’t exist.' I said, ‘Really? What do you mean by that?’ And they said, ‘Well, my mom and dad were in a bar, and 'Hello, I Love You' was on the radio, and it gave my dad the courage to go up to my mom and introduce himself. So thank you.' (Laughs) I went, 'Wow, that is a great story. I appreciate that.'”

Surviving Doors members John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger feel that ultimately it was Jim Morrison's alcoholism that created the real chasm between the bandmates: (John Densmore): “As Jim's drinking increased, the quality decreased.” (Robby Krieger): “The three of us were friends — John, Ray (Manzarek), and Robby were friends — and Jim had his drinking buddies, y'know? It kinda kept us apart. Whenever we'd get together and make music, we were friends but, y'know, we couldn't hang out with him otherwise because it was too painful, y'know?”