I try to make these blog post light hearted and fun but every once in a while something gets my goat and I have to vent.

A new study out of Stanford University found that obsessively following your passion ISN’T the recipe for success.  In most cases, it’s actually the opposite.


 This research found that people who only focus on their passion narrow their interests too much, which keeps them from having creative ideas or coming up with new innovations.

I understand what they are claiming but don’t agree, it is the passion we have that leads to the creative process that leads to success and to failure

The study says you also don’t learn about new subjects or try new things . . . that you might find something you like more.

OK I will give them this one to a point.  It is good to keep doors open but it those who express a passion for what they do that leads to success.

The study notes that when someone’s following their passion and they stumble or run into difficulty, it makes them EXTRA depressed.  And that can make them give up and quit.

That my friends is a load of doggy doo!   I know failure is hard, I have been there I HAVE FAILED!  1993 Halloween was the worst day of my life I failed in ways I thought I would never fail Yeah it hurt, yeah I was depressed.  However looking back at my failure it was the best thing that ever happened to me.   My failure led me to Utah where I met my wife the 1st day here and led to me being on the radio in Logan at KOOL 103.9

The Stanford study went on to way when those people DO quit, they’re completely lost and directionless. The researchers say you should DEVELOP your passion, not follow it completely.  That means you should work at it and stick with it . . . but don’t focus so hard that it winds up backfiring.

OK you might find some wisdom there being a well-rounded person is the ideal but I also see something there that gives me pause.


I have known too many talented individuals who claimed to have the fear of failure, they want life to hand them all the breaks.  Yes, that can happened but more likely it is those who take to bull by the horns and make the breaks that lead them to success.

I guess I am getting old, but I do see to many people that are afraid of life, afraid they will fail.

Life is not easy

Life hands us setbacks.

Life hands us success.

Success can mean different things to different people.   I have been asked if I ever wanted my career to take me to the BIG MARKETS.  I tell them, not really because my ideas of success did not mean having a lot of money.   I have had my chances of going to the larger cities.  I have had job offers I from Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Baton rouge, and St Louis.  But I knew they weren’t for me. I am happy being me and doing what I do and let me tell you one thing.  I am passionate about being on the radio, have been all my life and without that passion I would not be happy today.  Has it been easy?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  No it has not always been easy, but my passion made it worth it.

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