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Life is full of first and some of those first are so important   that you will always remember them.

So what are the first in your life?  Here is some of my list in my life.

First car:  69 Pontiac Lemans

First record I purchased:  I walked about a mile and a half to buy the Jackson five 45 of “ABC”

First Concert: Steppenwolf and the Byrd’s

First traffic ticket: Near Moab traveling down a steep down grade going way to fast.

First traffic accident: In a convenient store parking lot where a lady backed up without looking.   I called home to tell Mom and the First think she said “Is my car O K” Yes mom and I was too, thanks for asking

First real job: Working at the Stop n Shop in Memphis

First real vacation as an adult:  When I was sixteen my cousin and I spent a week along the Lincoln Heritage Highway.

First plane trip:  I was young and flew by myself from St. Louis to Memphis.   I was about 10 and a pretty stewardess sat next to me.   HUBBA HUBBA BUBBA.

First time I moved away from home:  When I left Memphis to go to then Ricks College.

First major league sporting event.  The LA Raiders vs the NY Giants

First time in Utah:  I was sixteen and was driving through to California with my Sister and her husband

Since I love Pro Wrestling I will add this one

Frist Pro Wrestling event live:  My uncle took me to an event near Texarkana Arkansas.


Finally my first time on the radio by myself.  I was playing the song Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot and I got more than just a bit confused and took the tone are off the record!!!! YIKES, then I was in panic mode and put the  tone arm  back on the record and promptly had my panic levels skyrocket.  I turned the record off…….. Then turned it back on

  Thus a radio star was born


There is an AP for that and a story to restore faith in humanity

Stupid news: Beer and Hot dogs

Laff lines


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