Who was KOOLer than the Fonz!  Ayee!  No one

I was 45 years ago on this date January 15th 1974 Happy Days debuted on TV.   The show about growing up in the late 50 actually got its start as a short on Love American style.  Then you could say it got its start with the success of American Graffiti.

Whatever!    I LOVED IT.

The original opening song was Bill Haley and the comets “Rock around the Clock” that got me hooked right away.

The started with a focus on Ritchie and his quest to find his Thrill on Blueberry Hill.  The Fonz was not a major player at first but Henry Winkler connected with the audience and the Fonz was a Phenom.

I could go on and on about the Fonz but I really think the show was successful because of the supporting characters.  Ralph Malph, Potsi, Mr. and Mrs., C, Arnold, Al and who could forget Chaci and Joanie.

Just a couple of quotes that I still use today when the situation requires it.

Ralph and Potsi are looking at a girly magazine and Potsi says “Wow, wouldn’t like to see a sweater on her” Ralph comes back with this classic line ‘POTSI, YOU’RE SUCH A POSTSI’ I love that line.

Another simple comedy line comes from Al the man who bought the diner were every one hung out. The line is one  word repeated Yep,yep yep yep yep.  Put that is context and I laugh every time.

Two of the spin offs were brilliant.   Mork and Mindy with the brilliant Robin Williams and one of my favorite TV sitcom “Lavern and Shirley.  The less said about Joanie love Chachi the better.

Where I thought Happy Days was great was the relationship between The Fonz and Ritchie.  Friends who would do anything for their friend.

Happy days even gave us a showbiz catch phrase “JUMP THE SHARK” That moment when a great show starts its decline.

Happy Days was a great show for its time and I still enjoy watching it when I get a chance.

I like to think I am a KOOL guy.  Here I am every day working on KOOL.  But I realize I now that that as KOOL as I am.  I am at best way down the list.

  1. The Fonz. 2 Joe Cool. 3 Batman.  The Rock and then ME! 

 I know there so many others that should be before me.  But my wife thinks I am KOOL.  Just not Fonzi, Joe Kool, Batman or the Rock Kool, she might ad Captain America in that list. As long as I am in that list I am KOOL with that.



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