Hollies' co-founder and lead singer Allan Clarke is returning with a new solo album 20 years after retiring. Clarke, who quit music back in 1999 due to issues with his vocal cords, is back with Resurgence, a new solo album being released on September 20th via BMG.

Second only to the Beatles, the Hollies from Manchester, England were the greatest harmony group to emerge from the British Invasion. Led by childhood best friends Allan Clarke and guitarist Graham Nash the group released such Brit-pop standards as "Just One Look," "I'm Alive," "Look Through Any Window," "I Can't Let Go," "Bus Stop," "Stop! Stop! Stop!," "On A Carousel," "Carrie Anne," "King Midas In Reverse," and "Jennifer Eccles." Following Nash's departure the band continued on scoring hits with "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" -- featuring Elton John on piano, "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" and "The Air That I Breathe."

Allan Clarke spoke about his comeback to Uncut, explaining, "For many years, people have asked 'Why don’t you go back to singing?' What I couldn’t do was perform Hollies songs any more. But what I should have said was that there may be a time when I’ll be able to sing, because I’ll be doing songs that maybe I’ll write myself. It was always on the back burner."

He went on to say, "But then I said to my son Toby, who’s been involved musically in the family since the year he was born, 'I’ve got a song I’ve done on guitar, but I don’t know what to do with it, what do you suggest?' He said 'You should learn to use GarageBand,' and showed me how. . . It’s given me a new lease of life in doing something I thought I’d never do again."

Just prior to the Hollies' 2010 Rock Hall induction, Graham Nash explained to us the band's induction was particularly emotional for him: "This time was very different for me. I was really thrilled that the Hollies made it finally. I think they thoroughly deserve it. I mean, we had so many hits -- y'know, even when I was with them we had 18 or 20 Top 20 hits. Y'know, so (we were) a pretty significant band. They were eligible I think in '89, which is usually 25 years from the day you first recorded. I was particularly thrilled for my friend Allan Clarke. Allan Clarke was the lead singer of the Hollies, and has been my friend for 63 years. And to have made that full circle all the way back to standing on the stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singing with my friend Allan Clarke was a thrill for me."