The great Eddie Murphy did a funny stand-up routine about being a kid and hearing the bells of THE ICE CREAM MAN! Now I would have put the video here on the pod but hey it’s Eddie money and parts are how I should say here……. Not within the standards of the radio station.  Or in other words…. I  WANT TO KEEP MY JOB!

Every kid loves hearing those sounds and running to their parents and begging for money to buy some ICE CREAM.” Oh please , I’ve been good today —somewhat>  I’ll be good , clean my room, do my homework and wash the dishes “  I used to bug my mom until either A. I got the money or B.  I was sent to my room without the benefit of the Ice cream (ahh).

Growing up in Memphis TN our Ice Cream truck was called the Merry Mobile.

Great memories of that Merry Mobile and its fudge pops Dream cycle and Bomb pops.  I wish I had a Fudge pop right now!

That leads up to yesterday, a beautiful warm spring evening.  My wife and I sitting on the Front porch and I started to hear those little tinkely bells.   IT’S THE ICE CREAM MAN! Teresa can I have some money?  But my excitement came to a halt.    The bells on the Ice cream truck was playing Christmas Music!  April 26th and I am hearing Christmas music!

I enjoy Christmas music for the most part but not in APRIL.  I didn’t know if I wanted to jingle his Bells or Deck his Halls.  But what I really wanted was Ice cream…….   So this weekend you will forgive me if I go get ice cream…… But not from the guy playing Christmas music in April….



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