I know my life situation is not unique.  I know there are people who have had great and bad fathers.  I know all about are stories of joy and pain when it comes to dad’s.

That’s life!  And I am OK with that.

In my own life I never really knew my dad, he passed away when I was just 4 years old.  I have no memories of him.  But I know my father Louis Lorenzo Denton loved me, and I love him.

I was the youngest in my family dominated by my four sisters!  I was the baby boy (I did have an older brother Sammy who passed away shortly after his birth).  So this story about my dad was passed along to me by my mother.

I was told that when my father blessed me in church there was another baby blessing that day and when my Dad held me up for the church to see he said to the other father ‘MY BOY IS BIGGER THAN YOUR BOY”!  I probably still am.

My late father in law Merlin Kendrick was another influence on my life and I was proud to call him Dad.

Another aspect of my life is that I never knew either one of my Grandfathers.

So Father’s day takes on a different meaning for me because I had a lot of men who were Fathers for me.  My two Uncles Brent  and Danis were always there for me and even if I only saw them a few times each year they took time to talk to me and let me know they cared about me and for that I am grateful.

My teen age year’s saw three men teach me what is to be a man?  Let me tell you something about those men.  They were short in stature but GIANTS in my eyes.  I would bet none of the three were over 5 foot 5.  Dennis Mayes, Tom Pesekie and another David Denton (cousin) all at one time or another helped me see the true meaning of being a man.  “The size of a man has nothing to do with being a man”

Why would I say that?  I am just short of 6ft 1 and I have a large frame.  Despite my size I sometimes question myself and “HOW MANLY I AM”  When I think that way I think of these men who showed me how to be a man who cares about others, a man who strives to do the right thing and a man who loves and adores his wife.

So on this Father’s day weekend I will think of my Dad my father in law, my uncles , my three great men and I will also think for my close friends who have laughed with me and cried with me and just been there for me and being more examples of being a man.

There is a professional wrestler named Becky Lynch who calls herself “THE MAN” She says it indicates being who she is and being her best self.  I think that is a great definition.

Your anatomy might make you a male or a female.  Your anatomy might make it so you can be a biological father but it is the kind of person you are.   That make you a Dad and in my eyes a MAN.     Go out there and be THE MAN!

Happy Father’s day

Stupid news:  falling 60 feet in British Columbia, stealing grandpa’s car and Mars


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