One of the great things about being on the radio is some of the fun things you get to do.  Over the years I have been in a Helicopter with Santa Claus that almost crashed.   It was foggy and the headset I was wearing wasn’t working so I was blissfully unaware until we landed and the piolet landed got out of the chopper and promptly tossed his cookies and almost fainted.

I had the opportunity to be a part of the 2002 winter Olympics torch relay.  NO I DIDN’T RUN, I don’t run.  I was asked to be in the truck ahead of the Olympic flame announcing have far back the torch was.   I was really fun but in Cache valley it was well below freezing and I was in the back of a moving truck!  Can you say wind chill.   I will have more on my experience on that as we get ready for the winter games.

I have had the opportunity of interviewing several celebrities I think my favorite was Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers.   I have met several major music acts, Rock and country music too.

Alex Boye came to the studio one morning for an interview and we joked and laughed so much that his manager had to drag him out of the studio.

Yes this job can be fun!

This morning an item in Stupid news reminded me of a time that I think I had more fun on the air than I have ever had.   Several years ago a traveling marketing van  came to Logan.   IT WAS THE OSCAR MYER WEINER MOBILE.

They were touring the country videotaping kids singing the Oscar Myer song for possible national commercial.   The drivers on the Weiner Mobile came to our studios for an interview.

You know me I love to have fun so I had everyone in the station come into the control room along with the Oscar Myer people and we sang live on the radio.  OH I WISH I WAS AN OSCAR MYER WEINNER”   Oh I wasn’t finished yet I asked them to sing again. “MY BOLAGNA HAS A FIST NAME “then I asked if I could check out the Weiner mobile.  And got to sit behind the wheel.  Here is a picture of the Wiener mobile at our studios.

The picture of me behind the wheel did turn out.  DRATS!

After the Weiner mobile left to go do tapings the entire station was still laughing about how much fun that was.   Later that day a co-worker had her grandkids at the taping and the Drivers told her it was the most fun they had on their tour.  It was the most fun I have ever had at my job, why?   I am a big kid who loves hot dogs and some people say I am a Weiner!   I accept that with pride!

Here is the Stupid new that brought back the memories of the Weiner mobile, m along with some fake news and former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

The Government shutdown

How old will you be when you are an adult?

Laff Lines: Mellinals are sof