I had such a great weekend but weekends become Monday’s and today that is not a good thing.  Not a bad thing but bad enough.

As you know I was looking forward to WrestleMania and it didn’t disappoint at all but I will reserve my thoughts on Mania for the Turnbuckle Trash podcast later this week

So here it is Monday and I need a few days off to recover from my weekend.    I spent Saturday morning doing things around the house nothing too bad but I had stayed up late on Friday and got up early.  The same thing on Sunday.

I should have realized that mania would run late and it did.  I had to take a guest home after and didn’t get to sleep until midnight.

So that is how Monday’s happen too little sleep and planning knowing I had to work on Monday. I am sluggish and tired and have a headache.  Man that kind of sounds like I am HUNGOVER.  One problem with that is I don’t drink alcohol!   So let’s say that I have a too much fun too little sleep weekend hangover.


That and the fact I am not a young as I used to be, but I am as stupid!

Today on the morning show Ajay Salveson from The Fan joined us to update the NCAA championship game, and parfaits.


We learned how to cook the perfect crispy Bacon

Stupid news from the NCAA, toilet paper and mouthwash.


Laff lines:  Patton Oswalt on the Star wars Prequels.