The Ramones' fourth album, 1978's Road To Ruin, will be released as a special three-disc "40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition." The package is set for release on September 22nd -- the day after the original album's 40th anniversary -- and features both an "Original Remastered Mix" and "40th Anniversary Revisited Mix," a disc full of "Rough Mixes & 40th Anniversary Extras," and a previously unreleased live album taken from an FM broadcast -- Live At The Palladium, New York, NY, December 31st - 1979. Road To Ruin will also be released as single CD and LP featuring the original album with the newly remastered mix.

According to the album's press release: "(Road To Ruin) will be produced in a limited and numbered edition of 7,500 copies worldwide and comes packaged in a 12-by-12 hardcover book. Along with the music, the set also features rare photos and artwork, including the unused, alternate cover image, plus essays by former New York Rocker writer Roy Trakin, album cover artist John Holmstrom, and Road To Ruin producer Ed Stasium, who details the making of this classic record."

Shortly before his 2004 death, guitarist Johnny Ramone told us that obviously he was proud of the long lasting influence the Ramones provided: "We sure played a lot of shows. We tried our best. It seems to be that we were a big influence on a lot of kids that've come out after -- you had the initial wave of punk (that) we seem to have spearheaded, and then you had the whole '90s movement, where you had these kids that went to see the band in the '70s, and now they were finally of age to start their own bands. So, y'know, it seems to be that we had an influence. We tried our best, too, at all times, always tried. Every show was important, everything we did was important. We did our best."