It was the shot heard round my neighborhood!   Late May on a warm spring night in Cache Valley warm enough to have our front door open for fresh air.   My wife and I like so many of you were watching the Utah jazz and The Houston Rockets play for a chance to go to the NBA finals.  The jazz were down by two with about 3 seconds left in the game and Greg Gumble on the call:


Why did I say this was the shot heard round my neighborhood, The shouts of joy of other Jazz fans who had their doors open for several minutes you hear the celebration from the sounds of YES, THE JAZZ ARE GOING TO THE FINALS”  To car horns blasting in celebration.  I know that my neighbors heard me.  (I have a loud voice)

That is a moment etched in the memories of Jazz fans, a moment you won’t forget.   No the title didn’t come to Utah but this guy named Mike kind of pushed the Bulls the championship game.  He would do that several more times, including pushing off of B- Russ!  Do I sound bitter?   You bet I am!

The basketball Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medal winner will always be remembered as one of the best if not the best point guard in history.  But I have two other memories of John.

I was working at a radio station in Rexburg Id (KRXK) and we ran Idaho state sports and I had been assigned engineering the game (I plugged in the commercials where they need to be).  One game during Half time the broadcast team was talking with a scout about a player for I.S.U. who went on to a short career in the NBA.  But during a commercial bark off air the scout told the team he wasn’t there to scour the ISU player but they were there to see that ‘Stockton kid”

While dating my wife Teresa I was living in Salt Lake and would drive to Logan to see her and one evening I was listening to the Jazz broadcast when Stockton set the record for assist.  The memory of that play is etched so deeply that I can even tell you where I was on the highway.  I was just coming into the valley near Mt Sterling.   I think about that moment in time a lot when driving there.

So Happy Birthday John and thanks for great sports memories and GO JAZZ!

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