Last week The Simpsons were making news about their apparent prediction of the Pandemic and Murder Hornets

I find it funny how a comedy show like the Simpsons can write outlandish things and they come true.  It has happened before.

In the 1992 episode “Lisa the Greek,” Homer uses Lisa’s uncanny ability to forecast the outcomes of NFL games. Homer places bets on the games and when she discovers what he is up to, she is so upset.  Lisa then makes a wager with herself on the Superbowl saying if the Washington Redskins win the game  she still loves her dad on the show  Washington wins.

A few days after the episode aired, Washington defeated Buffalo in Super Bowl VXVI. The following year, Fox aired a repeat of the episode just days before Super Bowl XXVII, and it was redubbed with an update of the two competing teams, the Dallas Cowboys and the Bills, with Dallas replacing Washington in the equation. (Dallas defeated Buffalo.) The Simpsons went for the three-peat the next year, when those two teams returned to the big game, tweaking a few lines to reflect the rematch. Once again, Dallas bested Buffalo. Since then, the episode has been redubbed a few times and shown before the Super Bowl — and has been right every time.


In the 1998 episode “Lard of the Dance,” Homer recruits Bart to help him make money by stealing grease; they try to steal grease from Krusty Burger as well as from Bart’s school.

In real life: The rising price of oil created a black market for grease, and in a New York Times article, restaurant grease thefts spiked.

In the 2000 episode “Bart to the Future,” a peek into the future showed Lisa Simpson as President of the United States, telling her staff, “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,”

Do the writers know something we do not or is it just dumb luck   a website call posted a list of future Simpson predictions for the future?

Virtual food.  An episode 20 years ago showed Homer and Marge using headsets and tubes to eat fake food in the year 2030.

Colonizing Mars.  An episode in 2016 said we would have a mission by 2026 and colonize the planet by 2051.

Hologram mail.  There is an old episode where future Bart gets a message in the form of a hologram instead of a letter.



The media becomes even more corporate.  In 1995, they predicted that CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC would all merge into one giant news conglomerate.



Killer robots.  There is a 1994 episode where they visit “Itchy and Scratchy Land,” and the robots that run the park start murdering people.



Big Ben goes digital.  A 1995 episode showed Big Ben in London in the year 2010.  And the building had a digital clock instead of hands.



Bigfoot is real.  There is an episode from 2002 where Bart spots him while getting off a bus in Canada.