Florida, the Sunshine state, one of the most popular states to go to for a vacation and retire in.  Florida has great amusement parks, beaches and Oranges.

But for some reason Florida is getting a reputation for having some of the strangest news stories and news outlets (yes Stupid News counts) are noticing.  Social media is full of strange news stories from Florida.

There is someone who has a lot of time on their hands has studied 225 of the strangest stories in Florida and came up with the top ten of ALL TIME.

A Florida man tossed a three-foot alligator through a drive-thru window at Wendy’s.

A Florida man slapped his employees with a large lizard called a bearded dragon.

A Florida man broke into a car dealership . . . stole an SUV, along with two TVs from the lobby . . . crashed through the glass doors . . . abandoned the SUV . . . then told cops he didn’t remember any of it.

A Florida man tied a 12-foot alligator to a tree to keep as a pet.

A hungry Florida man bit off his girlfriend’s thumb during a late-night Taco Bell run.

A drugged-up Florida man got burned dancing naked in a fire, then attacked police.

A Florida man who collected flamethrowers set his house on fire.

A Florida man got out of jail, then immediately broke into a car in the parking lot.

A Florida man well let’s just say he really liked stuffed animals at a Walmart.  REALLY LIKED THEM

A Florida man dressed up as a pirate, and got arrested for firing a musket at cars on the highway

Now I love to watch the A and E show LIVE PD and one of my favorite moments of the show came from Florida it involved THE HAM GUY.

Just so strange to see this well-groomed man in this mess of a trailer being so rude to the Police while eating a HAM, as the police talked to him he calmed down.  I guess ham can do that to a fella.

Then few weeks later at a fast food restaurant in Florida the LIVE PD crew ran into him again.  Gotta love the HAM GUY.


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