Wow what a Friday morning this has been.  I started my day as I usually do yelling obscenities at the alarm clock!   I stumbled out of bed and got into the shower. (OK ladies avert your mind’s eye for decency sake)  As the warm water cascaded all over my very large body my mind started to wake up and thus the problem.  My mind was racing thinking of what I could do today and how I should approach the day, but my body wasn’t co-operating.

Every action I took seemed to be in slow motion.   While I dressed for the day it seemed like I would never finish, Breakfast for me was a stop at a Fast Food open at 5am and the fast food was really slow. Driving to the station seemed to take an eternity.   Let me tell you it was a strange way to start the day.  I told my wife I have a split personality today my body is the Tortoise and my mind being the Hare! I felt like I was living a Bugs Bunny Cartoon

Friday June 8th is also National friendship day so I just wanted to take some time to talk about friends.  I have been a lucky man to have several people I consider my best friends.  As people come in and out of our lives and friends come and go there are always those in your lives that you have that special bond with the ones you can talk to about anything and everything.  They know our secrets and you know there’s a no matter what you have that bond that can’t be broken.  They are your BROTHER FROM ANOTHER OR SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER.


I am so lucky to have 4 people in my life that I consider best friends.   In no particular order and I won’t give last names so as to protect the not so innocent, they are Lary (yes I spelled it right) Ken, Randal and finally my wife Teresa.   We are just like Forest and Jenny we are Peas and Carrots…  Thanks to all my friends you are the best.  And a big thanks to all my KOOL family.  When I get to talk to you on the phone or see you out and about it is always great to see you.    WHY?


Here is something I put together this morning a mix of Queen.

This morning: Money, Mars, Disco Balls and Creative financing

Stupid news: Ketchup and a Hatchet

Laff lines: Picking on Florida