Pete Townshend checked in with fans again yesterday (March 14th) via Townshend was on site at London's Wembley Stadium to meet the UK press with Roger Daltrey to publicize the band's July 6th concert at the venue with special guests Eddie Vedder and Kaiser Cheifs. In his video blog, Townshend outlined the schedule for the new, still-untitled Who album, stating that it will be completed next month. Townshend didn't say whether he expected the album to be released in time for the Who's tour kickoff on May 7th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Townshend's post on read in part:

“It’s a wonderful thing. I hadn’t seen Roger for quite a long time, and it was good to spend some time together even if we were working. I’m not sure that we do all that well when we do interviews together — we have different ways of approaching the process — but we did our best to agree to disagree on very few things and surprisingly ended up agreeing on 99 percent of everything. Isn’t it amazing what 55 years of working together can achieve?

Roger is very positive about the new songs we are working on for the forthcoming album. He has been doing sketch vocals, getting used to the songs and finding his own place, and his own way into the stories. I’m about to listen to more work Roger has been doing in the studio on vocals, and I know he will surprise me and delight me as always. Until Roger sings one of my songs it isn’t really a 'Who' song, and the magic is starting to happen.”

Pete Townshend told us that this is a good time for the Who, with a new album inching towards completion and its first full-length orchestral tour on the horizon: “It's all fun, it really is, it's all play. Y'know, the studio stuff and the music stuff, for me, that's what I love to do. And the touring; these days, I don't find it hard, so, I don't dislike it the way I used to do when I was younger — but I can't say that I love it the way that some people do. But, I'm kind of tickled by what we've taken on here. We shall see (laughs) what happens — it's quite exciting. It's a bit early to be talking about it, because as I'm sure you are starting to gather, I really don't know what the (beep) is (laughs) going to happen.”