The Who is hard at work rehearsing for the start of the band's 2019 “Moving On!” tour, which kicks off next Tuesday (May 7th) in Grand Rapids, Michigan at Van Andel Arena. Yesterday (May 2nd), the Who posted rehearsal footage captured “Somewhere in the U.S.A.” showing a montage of the band on April 30th running through Quadrophenia's “Punk And The Godfather,” “5:15,” and “See Me, Feel Me” from Tommy.

In addition to Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, the Who's 2019 lineup features longtime touring members Zak Starkey on drums and Pete Townshend's younger brother, Simon Townshend on rhythm guitar. Rounding out the band are Who and Daltrey veterans Loren Gold on keyboards and bassist Jon Button. Longtime Who collaborator Billy Nicholls is handling backing vocals.

The Who will be backed by a local orchestra at every stop. Keith Levinson is on board as the music coordinator and conductor with Katie Jacoby and Audrey Q. Snyder serving as violists and concert masters.

Roger Daltrey told us he's adamant that the 2019 “Moving On!” dates will showcase the Who at its most unrelenting: “I don't want the Who to compromise the way we play at all. I want the same venom coming out of Pete and me and within the songs that are there that is always there. We just do not have to make the racket on the stage. We can do it in a way now that the PA can make that noise; I mean we actually generate it, but we do not need the volume on the stage, we can move it out to the sides, so the crowd get the full whack of the Who as it is as a six-piece, and then the orchestra added on top just makes it mega, y'know?”