Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and longtime Who manager Bill Curbishley have teamed up with Cincinnati's local ABC-TV affiliate WCPO for a new documentary, The Who: The Night That Changed Rock. The special will air on December 3rd -- the 40th anniversary of the band's infamous Cincinnati concert on December 3rd, 1979, at which 11 fans were trampled to death while entering Riverfront Coliseum.

In the doc, all three talk candidly about that fateful night, with Townshend revealing, "Y'know, I'm still traumatized by it. It's a weird thing to have in your autobiography that, you know, 11 kids died at one of your concerts. It's a strange, disturbing, heavy load to carry."

Daltrey said: "That dreadful night of the third of December became one of the worst dreams I've had in my life."

Manager Bill Curbishley, who made the decision to not tell the band about the pre-show stampede for fear of fans already in the arena rioting, admitted, "Despite everything, I still feel inadequate. I don't know about the guys, but for me, I left a little bit of my soul in Cincinnati."

According to the special spotlights how, "The band members and Finneytown, Ohio residents also reveal a special relationship between the Who and the Cincinnati high school where three of the victims were students. The documentary shares how that relationship has turned a horrible night into something positive, celebrating the futures of some current Finneytown High School students who will major in the arts or music in college, while remembering the students whose futures were cut short on December 3rd, 1979."

In the summer of 2018, Roger Daltrey visited Finneytown High School to pay tribute to the students of the school that were killed at Riverfront Coliseum: "I don't whether any of you understand, but the policemen and fire (units) wanted to get the crowd out. They wanted to us not to play. And it was our manager, who said, 'If you do that, there will be a problem.' He really has never been thanked for what he did that night, 'cause he had huge rounds with him, which would've made their rescue job so much harder."

The Who: The Night That Changed Rock airs on December 3rd at 8 PM, with a companion podcast airing the next day, along with an expanded documentary on all streaming service.

A companion podcast will be available December 4th, as well an expanded documentary on all streaming devices.