The Who's keyboardist, Loren Gold, admits taking the stage with the band every night is still a “pinch me” moment for the Northern California native. Talking to the Bay Area's Punch magazine, he spoke about his thrill at playing the crashing piano chords from “Baba O'Riley,” revealing, “I still get a blood rush. I still have that moment thinking, 'Here it comes.' Not only that, but it’s the part of the show every night when I remember how I was a little kid in Palo Alto. I was in Oakland at the Days on the Green in 1982 watching the Who and waiting for this chord. That rushes through my body and I’m just grateful for it. It never gets old.”

Loren Gold, who began touring with Roger Daltrey in 2009, joined the Who for their 2012/2013 “Quadrophenia And More” tour. Prior to that, he had previously performed with such artists as Kenny Loggins, former-Eagles guitarist Don Felder, the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines, and American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. Over the years, Gold has also served as the musical director for Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Hilary Duff.

Pete Townshend explained to us, that in a strange way, the Who and its core group of die-hards — many who have been following the band on the road for decades — have gotten used to being in it together, in a strange — but loving way: “Our fanbase has always been predominantly male, but the 20 percent women that are fans are all completely and utterly mad, and I'm comfortable with that. Y'know, I'm mad, and I'm crazy, and I'm obsessive, and I'm compulsive and I love the fact that the people out there seem to be. . . they're like me and they like me and I like them. But that liking, also allows some movement. Sometimes they send me letters that are absolutely awful, and I kind of go, 'Well, 'have to let them have their say.' And sometimes I sit on the stage and tell them what I think. So — 'goes both ways.”