They come in three’s and that happened on January 2nd 2019…

Three celebrities in three very defend forms of entertainment passed away.   I was a big fan of all three.

Bob Einstein died at the age of 76.  Most people will remember his role on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” However Bob will always be SUPER DAVE OSBORNE.

Super Dave the character was a stuntman whose stunts never worked out.  Bob’s deadpan delivery showed what a massive talent he was.   He was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

Bob also was a writer and sometime actor on The Smothers Brothers Comedy hour.

In pop music of the 70’s a husband and wife duo was one of the hottest acts of the mid 70’s.  the Captain and Tennille burst on the scene and hit # 1 with” Love will keep us together.”  Other hits included “Shop Around” and “Do that to me one more time”  My favorite songs from them is a song I consider one of the greatest and sexiest love songs ever is “ The Way I Want To Touch You”

A lot of cold showers because of that song.

Then to hear of the death of Mean Gene Okerlund came as a shock to me.  His fame came in the world of PRO Wrestling.  I was watch Mean Gene when he was part of the old “AWA” But Gene would become a household name in the 80’s with the Popularity of such stars like Hulk Hogan, randy Macho Man Savage, Jake the Snake, the Million Dollar man and Psyco Syd.  Mean Gene always had that look on his face that always looked like “I know that your know, but don’t tell anyone else”

They come in three’s but I cannot remember a time when three celebrities from three diverse forms of entertainment all died on one day.

I am just glad I got to enjoy the talents the shared with us.

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