When it comes to me and my body nothing is simple, and it continued Tuesday afternoon.

Let’s go back to last fall, I had two surgical procedures on my left wrist and just before Christmas Neck fusion surgery.

The neck seems to be doing great!  The wrist not so much.

I underwent months of agony with physical therapy on my wrist and hand.  I say agony because I don’t think I have ever had the kind of pain that I went through and remember I had kidney stones!

I made progress but there was still swelling and pain in my left wrist and hand and that brings us to Tuesday afternoon.  I went to my follow up appointment had x-rays on my hand and wrist.  The Doctor walks in the door and says, “you are in pain”.   Yeah so what else is new Doc!

The 1st surgery to place screws in my wrist did not help and the screws had moved and that was the reason for the pain.


It looks like in early June I will undergo more surgery to reconstruct my wrist and take our 3 bones.  The Dr says the pain will be a lot less and I will have near normal use of my hand and wrist after a short recovery.

Yes, I am a little frustrated but optimistic.  It is just a part of life and I am more than OK with that