I am a fan of just about any completion.  I love watching people who are great do something they are great at.  So on today’s blog we talk searching for greatness and how life can throw us a curve just as we obtain our greatness.

The World Series starts tonight in Boston as the Red Sox take on the L.A. Dodgers.   On paper this should be a good series with Boston looking like the better team on paper but the Dodgers were in the W.S. last year and experience is so important when you are talking a championship so anything can and should happen.

As for me, I am a National league fan so I have to pull for the Dodgers.  Main reason, I don’t like the D.H.  It takes away a lot of the strategy that I enjoy about baseball.  Red Sox fans no need to worry, if the Sox win I will be happy with that but I would be happier with a Dodgers Victory.   Let’s hope for a great 7 game series.

As most of you know I am a Pro wrestling fan, I have been watching it since I was a kid in Memphis and yes I know all about it but I don’t care.  I LOVE PRO WRESTLING.

As with any thing that people do life gets in the way.  Last night for WWE Superstar Roman Reigns life got in the way.

Reigns who was the WWE Universal champion announced on Monday Night Raw Roman announced that he was giving up his title so he could battle Leukemia for the 2nd time in his young life.

Reigns is one of the biggest names in the business from one of the most famous families in Wrestling.  The Anoa’I family has made pro wrestling the family business.   The most famous member of the Anoa’I family is Dewayne the Rock Johnson, but other names you might recognize are current superstars, Jimmy and Jay USO’s and Nia Jax.

Roman Reigns is one of unusual superstars in a business where people chose sides and cheer you as a good guy and boo you as a bad guy.  Not the case with Reigns who would come to ring as a good guy most of the time to a split reaction from the crowd.  You either love or hate this man.

Even on my Podcast Turnbuckle Trash you will hear all of us pretty much slam Reigns as a champion that we didn’t want to see as champion and it seemed the WWE would do anything to keep him in the spotlight.

These performers are on the road more than they are home and it is amazing to see the things they can will there body’s to do.   Roman Reigns is no different.  Seeing a man of his size run full speed and jump over the top rope just to land on his opponents is impressive enough but my favorite move is one called the Drive by.  With the other wrestler hanging half in half out of the ring and Roman on the floor would run and jump with legs going 1st and kick his opponent as he would either slide in to the ring or go back first on the floor.

Over the past couple of months I have been with 2 different people who were attending their 1st live events.  Both of them mentioned how athletic it was and how the wrestlers really did amazing and dangerous things.

Yes they do!  But we also need to remember that they are human and have human emotions.  Seeing the WWE superstars with tears in their eyes last night reminded me of other times were life took over.

The 1st event held after 911.  The accidental death of Owen Hart, the death of Eddie Gurero and the tragedy of Chris Beniot which the details of the murder suicide were not known at the time of the live show.

The performances might be pre- determined but the emotions are real.  The tears you see when a wrestler gets his 1st title are real, because that is when they realize they are now the face of the company.

So life moves on, it happens in everyone’s life. The joys, the tragedies of life hit every one of us.  Even larger than life wrestlers.

To Roman Reigns, I am heartbroken by the news of you Leukemia and pray that the treatment you receive will bring you back to the squared circle soon.  If we never see you in the ring again, your name will always be recognized as a great

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