There are days when I find it very difficult to be on the radio.  Those reasons are varied, illness, a family tragedy or like today  a day where all the depressing things going on in the past 48 hours  with covid 19 and its aftermath just put me in a funk.

Days like this I find it difficult to find the right balance or seriousness mixed with trying to give you a reason to at least smile to lighten the mood.

I woke up early this morning and was finding it hard to go back to sleep so I checked my Facebook page and it was so full of people posting about who they blamed or didn’t blame for this situation  and why or why not certain decisions were made.

I remind you decision makers are in a can’t win situation.  Someone will find fault in any decision or in the timing of it all.

Then there are those who are putting a political spin on it.   I just don’t understand or is it I can’t stand the politics of this.  I remind you that you have a right to post your opinion but know this not everyone will agree with you and if you do a political post expect a response that might or might not agree and that is ok.  But what is not OK with me is the way some people respond.  The bullying that take place online is like that of a 2nd grader.

During this time I hope that the keyboard courage some people have will be tempered after all we are in this together.

You might or might not have to change you plans or modify them.   But I think it is a mistake for us not to finding ways to support our local shop owners and above all support each other.   Contact a friend, contact family members and please remember to contact any elderly you might know.

Be careful, smart, kind and above all LIVE YOUR LIVE!

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