Sometimes people worry about the strangest things like which way the toilet paper hangs.

Now comes this.   What is the best way to trim your Christmas tree from the top down or the bottom up?   Some people get all up in arms about this.   Even those who work in retail selling ornaments and light read this I found on line this morning on the Huffington Post

Just like the classic toilet paper dispute (over or under?), there’s really no right or wrong answer, but we had no idea the question was so controversial. In fact, it’s something not even Home Depot’s director of trend and design Sarah Fishburne and seasonal merchant Kelie Charles can agree on.

“I string my lights from top to bottom because your plug is at the end of the strand and closer to the bottom of the tree and outlet,” says Fishburne. Plus, she says, if you run out of lights, it’s easier to spread them out and even add more lights to the bottom versus the top.

But Charles swears by bottom-to-top because she can plug the lights in first. “It makes it easier to see what the lit tree will look like as I’m stringing the lights,” she says. If you have extras, wind them back down. If you run out, start a new string and run an extension cord down the back.

Now I have the solution to this controversy    LET YOUR WIFE DO IT.  Now that sounds kind of sexist I know but my wife loves to trim the tree and I would rather watch her sipping eggnog.   But I must say my wife came up with a great idea for our tree this year.  A SUPER HERO TREE.  Our tree is full of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Deadpool and other comic book hero’s.  I love it but then I am a comic book geek.   Here are a few pictures of our tree.

Today on the morning show we warmed the cockles of our hearts

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I agree with Brian, Tennis might be fun but who can keep up with the scoring it involves too much thinking and that is not something I am known for.