Yes , I am glad that is over with . I had surgery last week on y elbow and to repair damage in my left wrist.  The one thing that I didn’t think about is how much post op pain hurts!  That and it is hard to do things with one hand.

Thanks to my wife Teresa who has been such a great help and even made me a Batman Sling!

I will say this even though it was hard waking up at 4:30am  it felt great to be back .

My post might be a little short because typing one hand isn’t easy and I am all about the easy,

I did find this about wasting time on our jobs

  • A recent poll found the average eight-hour workday includes 2 hours and 22 minutes of pointless things that just waste time.  Or about a third of your day.  Here’s how it breaks down . . .
  • 26 minutes a day trying to get old technology to work.  Like waiting on a slow computer or a jammed-up printer.  44% of people said their company’s tech is outdated.
  • 29 minutes a day of pointless meetings.
  • 29 minutes a day of pointless paperwork.
  • 24 minutes of other random tasks you don’t really need to do.
  • 34 minutes of your coworkers chatting you up.

Stupid news

Laff lines :