George Carlin was one of my comedy idols growing up.  One of my favorite characters he did was Al Sleet the Hippy Dippy Weather Man.   He would say “If you don’t like the weather move”.   Which I have done over the years and I have seen some strange weather in the process.

Growing up in Memphis TN we didn’t get a lot of snow but we did have our moments. One day I think it was in March I was sitting in a class at school and not paying attention, daydreaming looking out the window and the rain when I saw it a sheet of white heading our way.  A squall line of snow soon hit the school and before it was over we had 18 inches of snow. IN MEMPHIS IN MARCH!

We lived in a portion of what is called “Tornado Alley” and had had plenty of scares with the twisters.   In the 4th grade we were at recess outside in a cloudy day when the sirens started and the teachers started shouting for us to run back inside.  Why a Funnel cloud was just over our school.  I remember looking up and seeing it and frankly it scared the *&^% out of me.   Luckily the funnel cloud did not touch down.

When I talk to people about growing up in a place when a tornado watch or warning is no big deal, I hear how you could live that.    I always say, people in TN say the same thing about our snow here in Utah.

I have been in Hurricanes in Louisiana, Ice Storms in Arkansas and Missouri.

But one of the strangest things I have ever seen was in Missouri.  I am no weather man so I have no idea why this happened.  It was a beautiful sunny day hardly a cloud in the sky but it was a little breezy in the morning but by 2pm we had hurricane force winds some gust over 100mph.  The winds ripped the roof off a school gym.  Knocked down several tree’s many roofs were damaged and the wind ripped the car door out of my hands and almost ripped the door off the hinges.  But if you were inside looking through the window all you would see is Blue Sky.   That was one strange day.

I know we get some strange weather like the day when the Tornado hit downtown Salt Lake City.  I was working and people were calling us to report that the twister was going to come right through Sardine and hit us here in Logan.   I had to laugh, a tornado is rarely on the ground for more than a minute or two and how far away is Salt Lake City?

I will tell you this I have seen it rain harder in short burst than I ever saw in the south.  I am still amazed how the Mountains will affect the weather.  I have watched a storm split when it hits the Wellsvilles and barrel through Hyrum and the other part go north of Logan and hit Richmond.

I must admit it took me years to get used to the canyon winds and the devastation they can cause.  Then the morning canyon winds can really make a morning cold.

I have always loved watching weather patterns and as a child I even though how KOOL it would be to be a weatherman!  But I found out you would have to do math and radio here I come

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