Toys-R-Us is closing all there stores and over 30 thousand people will lose their jobs.  Toys –R-Us wasn’t a player in the toy biz when I was a kid.  But boy oh boy when that Sears wish book would come out I would wear it out looking at the toys and folding the corners of pages where my toy needs (wants) would be.

Some of my favorite toys were very simple toys they included the box.  Admit it you would love playing in the big boxes that things came in.  Once my mom bought a refrigerator that came in a huge box that had a wood frame.  That box made a great club house in the back yard for several weeks.  I can’t remember but it think it was marked in Italian Fragile.

One year at Christmas my mom asked me if I wanted some of the new Gig Joe toys and I told her NO! BOYS DON’T PLAY WITH DOLLS.  Well here it is 2018 and I have some G.I. Joe toys in my collection

As a child I had one of those stuffed monkey’s that had a banana in one hand and I was told I called it my Punkey.  I was an adorable child.  Not so much today.

Other favorites were a Man from U.N.C.L.E. brief case that had a camera and would shoot plastic bullets.   I had lots of cap guns and little plastic army men; But to be honest with you one of my favorites was A BARREL FULL OF MONKEYS”  it was a toy I could play with by myself and since I was the youngest and the only boy I did find myself playing alone (ahh!)

As I grew up I would see boy’s dolls become ACTION FIGURES!  Yes now I collect action figures and have hundreds.  I admit a majority are Batman related.

Today electronics are at the top of the wish list boy kids today.  Some of them are really KOOL but I bet they don’t make good club houses!


Today on the morning show it was all about Uber – and March madness and WKRP:

Stupid news: More things to worry us and fire by Ragu

Laff lines Brain Regan on baseball:


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