Dewayne the Rock Johnson, John Cana, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan some of the biggest names in professional wrestling or as a lot of people call it now SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.

I know what some of you are saying “Pro Wrestling, Dave are you kidding me” No I am not.

I have been watching wrestling my entire life.  Saturday mornings at 11 am most TV’s in Memphis where I grew up were watching. The rating for Memphis wrestling were through the roof.  Jerry the King Lawler, Superstar Bill Dundee, The Boogie Woggie Man, Randy Savage, The Fabulous ones were just some of my childhood hero’s.

It is not for everyone, I hear “IT”S FAKE “but honestly do you think Batman, Spiderman and Luke Skywalker are real?  The thing about pro wrestling is story telling.  I have heard it called a male soap opera.  But it is a very physical soap opera at that.

The great Dusty Rhodes once said as a wrestler your job is to make the fan have that moment of saying “Man that looked real” Is he really hurt.   These men and women study the art of Pro Wrestling for year and if they don’t make the right move yes they can get hurt.  But all athletes get hurt and they are athletes.  Watch some of the moves closely and you will see the art in what they do.  In a recent 30 for 30 on ESPN The Nature Boy Ric Flair said he would hang a sting and punch it every day as hard as he could and learn how to throw the punch and pull back just enough so the string would not move.

I always go back to that time in my youth that I believed and now that I know I don’t care because it entertains me.  I even have the WWE Network so I can watch the Pay per views

So why am I telling you this, because I know there are a lot of fans out there, some who were fans but aren’t now and a lot of what I like to call “closet fans’.  The people who don’t want to admit they like watching wrestling.  I have talked to you I have seen it.  Come on and join with us who love Pro Wrestling and if you don’t watch it that is fine because I probably don’t like some of the things you watch.  That’s OK too.  I had a friend who once said this world would be a boring place if we all loved the same thing.

Now another reason for this blog post is to let fans know that I am part of a Pod cast called “Turnbuckle Trash”  Three friends who are fans talking about something we love.  We don’t profess to be experts but we know what we like and what we don’t like, and we have fun talking about it.   You will hear Ajay Salvesen, Zane Petersen and myself having a great time talking about the WWE, Global Force, Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground and Utah promotions to like UCW Zero and W.A.R

You will hear great stories about our experiences going to matches, like when Zane and I recorded in my car on the road to go to the Maverick Center to see “On the Road to Wrestle Mania” so we were on the road to see on the road then on the way back were on the road back from the road to Wrestle Mania” We have fun and it is family friendly, 99 % of the time

There are wrestlers who from Utah who are finding success in the business, Marty the Moth Martinez of Lucha Underground and The M.K. band of House of Hardcore have been guest along with local performers.

Give us a try there will be a link added to the web page where the pod cast can be heard or go directly to

So when it’s time to take out the trash join us on Turnbuckle Trash and coming soon we will have the best of 2017!

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