As a child I had to grow up without my Dad who passed away when I was just 4 years old.  I can tell you now I love my dad even if I didn’t know him.  So a lot of what I learned about being a dad came from Watching TV.   The only problem is over the years Fathers on TV not the same as when I grew up. Yes the days of Ward Cleaver coming down the stairs in hi Cardigan sweater to dole out Fatherly advice on the latest exploits of THE BEAVER

Back in 2014 TV guide had an article about the top 50 TV dads and Cliff Huxtable portrayed by Bill Cosby.  NOPE that wouldn’t be the case today.

So here is a list of some of my favorite TV Dad’s.

The list includes.  Ben Cartwright, Andy Taylor, Howard Cunningham, Ray Barone, Mike Brady, Tim the tool man Taylor.  But my two favorite TV Dads are ones that might surprise you or then again probably not!

HOMER SIMPSON AND OSCAR MADISON.    Every day men who are probably more like me than any other TV dads.


And Now a Father’s day song form Groucho Marx

On today’s show Pro sports and Dave’s Matter of perspective

Stupid News L   Baking a Cake, and finishing of your beer.

Laff lines several stand- up routines about Dad

i also would like to wish my wife Teresa a Happy Birthday today,  How old is she you ask?
I might be dumb but I ain’t stupid.  REALLY  —- REALLY’

This Sunday is also our 23rd wedding anniversary  and let me just say that for 23 years Teresa has put up with all of my *&^% .  She makes me a better person and I can not imagine what life would be without her.