Twisted Sister is up in arms against an Australian businessman and politician who has co-opted its 1984 Top 25 classic “We're Not Gonna Take It” for his political campaign. The band is threatening legal action against the United Australia Party and its leader, Clive Palmer, who hired a sound-a-like group to record the iconic track with the newly written words: “Australia ain't gonna cop it/no Australia's not gonna cop it/Aussies not gonna cop it.”

Twisted Sister frontman and the song's writer, Dee Snider, tweeted: “No we do not endorse @PalmerUtdParty! We are contacting our legal team to address this and if that doesn't work. . . I'LL BE DOWN UNDER IN THREE WEEKS TO DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!

Co-founding guitarist Jay Jay French also tweeted: “Twisted Sister does not endorse Australian politician Clive Palmer, never heard of him and was never informed of Clive Palmer's use of a re-written version of our song 'Were Not Gonna Take It'. We receive no money from its use and we are investigating how we can stop it.”

Billboard reported, “The federal member for Fairfax from 2013 to 2016, Clive Palmer relaunched the Palmer United Party as United Australia Party last year, and has vowed to contest the next federal election. . . When asked for comment, Palmer told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation via a text message that he 'wrote the words' (to the new version of the Twisted Sister song.) He added, 'Old rocker who can not sell enough tickets to their last gig need publicity . . . No communication from their lawyers, I own the copyright for my own lyrics.'”

In 2003, Dee Snider granted permission for Arnold Schwarzenegger to use the song during his California gubernatorial contest, yet raised a fuss back in 2012 when Rep. Paul Ryan used the song during a GOP rally. Snider went on to allow then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump to play “We're Not Goinna Take It” at his own 2015 campaign events.

After Dee Snider's historic 1985 testimony before the U.S. Senate against the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC), many could easily see Snider throwing his hat into the political ring. Snider told that from what he could tell — it would be a less than satisfactory fit: “I think the problem with the political world is they try to put on the front of being legit, where rock n' roll, there's this honesty about it, and I think that's what kids really like about their rock stars. With rock n' roll, there's no surprises — it's right out there, and it's honest, and it's true, y'know? So I think politics would hold a lot more surprises for me — and disappointments.”

Last July, Dee Snider released his latest solo set, For The Love Of Metal.

Dee Snider will next perform on January 31st and February 1st in Sydney, Australia's Manning Bar at the University of Sydney.