Today is a very important day for me!  No not because it national Bacon Lovers day.   But oh yeah that is important to me just not as much as this


For some reason this is very important to me.  Radio help but food in my mouth (see National Bacon day later in this blog post).

I have had people ask me why I chose radio as a profession. Here is the answer.  I was a Nerd in high school and there was an opportunity to take a radio class so I said ok and look at me now I am now a KOOL Nerd!

Actually my love affair with radio started early in life.  I would sit with my radio listening to my favorite stations. WHBQ, WMPS and WDIA.  Later when FM started to play rock I listened to FM 100.

The high school station was WQOX-FM where I was the first 1st year student to be do an on air show.  I was horrible but I felt like hey I am KOOL

My first commercial radio job was at KRXK in Rexburg Idaho.  I started in March just a few months after the flood.

My radio carrier has taken me many places.  After KRXK, there was WTPR in Paris TN.  Back to Rexburg, Blackfoot, Stamps Arkansas, Back to Paris TN then Avoyelles Parish LA, Baton Rouge, Montgomery city Mo, I did a little work in St Louis, Columbia and Troy all in MO.

I was out of work when I came to Utah and met my wife the 1st full day I was here.   That was a long time ago I found work in Salt Lake City and eventually over 23 years ago Logan Utah.

I love being able to be a part of you morning routine.  The three sss’s   Shower Shave and …… Shampoo.

But I always try to honest with you.  This is a great job and a great job but ……..sometimes.  This job becomes a job, and is usually after I finish posting my blog.   There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that are as Harley Quinn said in the movie Suicide Squad FEXING.  We deal with constant deadlines and just today there were times that I would be working on something like Stupid News and I am actually finishing just seconds to going on the air. But I will say this I LOVE MY JOB. 99.99% of the time.

 I thought I would come up with some favorite TV and Movies that are about radio.

FM, Airheads, Play Misty for me, Pirate radio, Good Morning Vietnam.  And remember American Graffiti with Wolfman Jack, Talk radio and more

TV has used lots of radio stations but the best was WKRP IN CINCANATTI

And don’t forget that WKRP had a rivalry with another station which was WPIG — The swine

Other TV programs that used radio include Frasier, Sports Talk, The Simpsons, Norther Exposure, Full house, Hello Larry and I am sure there are lots of others.

So as you can see radio is such an important part of my life.  I love what I do and thank you for listening, and really love when I get to meet you and we get to share a few laughs.

Today on the morning show we talked about NATIONAL BACON DAY and The Reverend Shaprton having one of those moments, well call it what it is a Brain Fart. (I am a pro at that)

Stupid news.  A Scientist gets paid to do this, and police in Florida arrest a topless woman.

Laff lines: Being married