On Sunday night (December 8th), on the anniversary of John Lennon's murder, U2 paid homage to the slain Beatle during its first-ever concert in South Korea. Wile performing at Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome, the band paused during it's 1984 classic "Pride (In The Name Of Love), with Bono telling the crowd: "Let's turn this concrete sky arena into a cathedral. We think about a great peacemaker we lost December 8th, 39 years ago tonight: John Lennon. We lost John Lennon, great peacemaker, great soul. This band were right outside of New York City when we heard the news. We still feel it."

Rolling Stone reported, "Later in the show, Bono sprinkled in snippets of 'She Loves You,' 'Love Me Do' and 'All You Need Is Love" in tribute to Lennon. He also spoke about the delicate political situation in Korea: 'Blessed are the peacemakers. The peacemakers in this great country, north and south, we pray for the peacemakers."

A while back, Bono explained part of the reason he admired John Lennon: "The thing I like about John Lennon, as well, is that he was ready for the custard pies (laughs) -- y'know what I mean? He . . . wasn't afraid of the pratfalls. If y'wanna make art, you have to be prepared to be uncool. Y'know, I don't think Irish people are very cool, anyway. I think we're much more interesting. We're kinda hot. We're Jamaican's who can't (laughs) dance."

U2 performs on Wednesday (December 11th) in Manila, Philippines.