The holiday season, some say it begins with Halloween and continues until New year’s day,  there are just so many holiday’s packed into just a few short weeks.

Some people joke that today is New Year’s Eve eve!

True as that is I think I woke up in a good mood because today is National Bacon Day!

I love bacon always will!  I prefer crisp bacon, but if it is cooked I will eat and love bacon.

One of the best smells in the entire world is cooking bacon!  Several years ago they even came out with a bacon perfume for women to help attract a man.  I am immune to that because I am a happily married man, whose wife makes him bacon a couple of times a month.

Over the years my friends and family have indulge my love of bacon with gifts of Bacon salt, bacon flavored Mayo, Bacon bits for my salads (right).  Bacon band aids and even Bacon roses!

My wife even made me pants made from fabric with a bacon theme! On a recent trip to Cedar city, the hotel we stayed in did not have bacon on the breakfast menu!    However the waitress saw my bacon pants told the chef and soon I was munching on a pound of bacon made in honor of my pants.


Can you have too much bacon?  YES!!  I know you are shocked to read that.  But several years ago I went to a wedding in Las Vegas, we used that as an extension of a planned vacation.

While in Nevada I found the mother lode of bacon. THE BREAKFAST BUFFET.  Huge trays filled with bacon!  I was in heaven and on the next several days consumed several large pigs’ bacon!   My body rebelled!  I won’t go into details but I learned ‘MODERATION IN ALL THINGS!!!  EVEN BACON!

(Insert cuss words here)

I still love bacon but………..


Stupid news

Laff lines:  Jim Gaffagan on BACON