It is getting closer to the time to load up the old family truckster and make the pilgrimage to Wally World.

Vacations can happen any time but the most common time is SUMMER VACATION!!!

When I was a kid I thought summer vacation just meant no school.  We didn’t have extra money that could be used for a vacation not the kind that my friends were taking.  As a kid my family vacation was packing the car and driving 2 and half hours to see my cousins and my Grandmother.  I was fine with that.

I guess my first real vacation was when I was in the sixth grade.  My Aunt Mary, Uncle Danis and their kids Mellissa and Kim took me to a vacation   in Texas.  That was a great trip for me I got to go fishing and Uncle Danis took me to my first Pro Wrestling show!

When we left Texas I got to go with them back to East Crondelt Ill.   A small town just outside of St. Louis.   I even got to see the Arch before it was completed.    OH and Uncle Danis took me to my second Pro Wrestling Match!!!!!

That was my first vacation of many that I have had mostly in my adult years.   Some favorites include

Going to LA with my cousin and going to my first pro football game.

Going on a Christmas Vacation with my best friend and watching him and his future bride fall in love.  Oh and watching the glares of her current boyfriend and my best friend trying to decide how of if I am going to break up the impending fight.  (No fight happened but boy was it close)

My honeymoon with my wife Teresa on a Cruise ship to Catalina Island and to Mexico.

My 1st trip with Teresa to Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada.

I know she was freaking out about the Vegas traffic as we were trying to get to the RIO and then to our Hotel.  NO we did not stay at the RIO.  Trying to save money we went off the strip to a Hotel no longer around for a good reason I might add.

This year no big Vacation plans, Car repairs, home repairs, medical repairs, I need a bank account repair!

Staycation this year!  I am KOOL with it.  A few day trips here and there and then being a couch potato watching Super Hero and Star Wars movies.

Maybe even watching the Vacation Movies.   Seeing Clark and Cousin Eddie at the all you can eat buffet always makes me hungry!


“Have you ever swam with the Dolphins – those things are hard to catch “


Today what does mom want for Mother’s day

Stupid news including Donkeys and concrete

Laff lines – Best of late night and fattening foods