Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, a day to tell the people who mean the most to us that we love them!  Aww that’s nice!

I am happily married man!  My wife and I agreed before we got married that Valentine’s Day would not be a day we would go spend lots of money on.

But over the years I have seen a little backlash on Cupid and his arrows.  I have nothing against Valentine’s Day.  Face it I am like most men.   I don’t care about it.

Here is a something I read from

According to a new poll, the #1 gift GUYS want to get for Valentine’s Day this year is . . . NOTHING.

Over 500 men were asked what they want, and 41% said they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day.  It’s possible a lot of those guys just aren’t in relationships though. 25% of women also said they don’t want anything this year.

The top five gifts women DO want to get are a card . . . candy . . . flowers . . . jewelry . . . and a massage.

The average amount of money spent 50 dollars.

The top five gifts men want are candy . . . a card . . . BOOZE . . . breakfast in bed . . . and a book.

Like I said I am not opposed to Valentines so I have thought long and hard about what I would want for Valentine’s Day.   It is a gift that almost all men would love to get (….. get your mind out of the gutter…)


Over the years friends and family have surprised me with Bacon gifts!   I even have received Bacon Roses yes they are made with real Bacon. Here is a Video on how you can make Bacon roses

Today on the morning show a story that is all about Christmas…. Yes Christmas

Stupid news:  A radio station in Alaska is giving away a dozen roses and it is making some people angry.   In California an unusual accident.

Laff lines: Being average looking