Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent has denied hat he has cancelled his comeback shows. Vincent was set to return to the stage back in February but those dates were cancelled less than two weeks before they were set to take place. During a new episode of Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, he said that he had nothing to do with the cancellation of the show. He explained, “There's only one uncontroverted fact that actually did happen, and that is that I, Vinnie Vincent, did not cancel that show. A matter of fact, My attorney Chris Royer had been negotiating for months with the promoter. So this was done all between the promoter and my attorney.”

Vinnie added that he couldn't give all of the details because he signed a non-disparagin clause in the settlement agreemenbt, but he did reveal that, “a week before the show was actually canceled, it was determined and decided and agreed upon that the show would proceed as a Vinnie Shredd Festival show because of my dissatisfaction with someone who picked a singer that I didn't approve of.”

He added that the statement the promoter released, that read,”we are shocked at this development, and it is, unfortunately, beyond our control. The matter has been turned over to our attorney” was “disingenuously untrue.”


In other news, Vinnie Vincent says that his appearance a one of last year's Gene Simmons Vault Experience shows almost didn't happen because of his issues with Kiss over royalties. He ultimately decided to go but he said he was already regretting it on the way home.

He said, “I almost turned around and said, 'Go f*ck yourself.' Why in the world would I come down and greet you with a smile and try to make this work when what you did to me was reprehensible at best?