I really do not like the way our political campaigns are going.  The negative political ads have gotten out of control.  I wonder when some politician will stand up and say “No attack ads”.   I don’t think it will happen because as much as people complain about the attack, negative ads appear to work.   That makes me sad for the future.

Despite this I encourage you to vote!  Why?  I believe it is your duty as a citizen of this country to do so.  You might not think your vote counts but it does.  Your opinion matters.

Think on this, the changes in state laws, tax raises and more can swing on your vote.  One vote added to the other votes makes your vote matter.   An election is only successful to you if you vote your opinion.  Win or lose you make your voice known.

A great example of this is happening here in Utah now.  The medical marijuana debate started as a grass roots effort.   I will not write my opinion on this subject because that is not the issue here.  The issue is that a few people got together and have got us all to make our own opinions know through voting.  That is how this nation should work.

Your thoughts are probably different than mine on several issues and I think that is KOOL.  The thought that we should agree on everything is counterproductive to our society.  The debate of ideas is healthy only when each side presents facts to support its side.   The main problem is today that the debate gets to personal and can lead to the attack ads and personal attacks that are so prevalent today.    I don’t know if things will ever change, and social media doesn’t help.

I ask you to please temper your responses to things that people who post things that might differ from your opinion.  That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with someone, just don’t be a jerk about it.

So vote, if you agree with me on issues or disagree with me on issues VOTE VOTE VOTE.

It is that important to me.

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