I don’t know what is worse losing your credit cards or you cell phone. I know I should shay losing your credit cards.  BUT I NEED MY PHONE!  It not only has priceless pictures or my Batman collection but it has all my games to!  I miss my games.

On Wednesday evening I was texting with a friend about 4:30.  After our conversation I was doing a few other things all while thinking about somewhere I needed to be about 6:30.  The time to go came up and I grabbed my coat keys and WHERE IS MY PHONE?  No problem I said to myself and 30 minutes later it was a problem.  WHERE IS MY PHONE?

I went to my meeting and told my tale of whoa, while my friends kidded me about it then said, oh you’ll find it.  WRONG ROTARY PHONE BREATH.

I got home and started the search, my wife help looking under the couch, between the seat cushions.  I retraced my steps leaving no stone unturned and alas all I found was some loose change in the seat cushions. SCORE

Now I am here at KOOL 103.9 contemplating what to do next, search some more or just go purchase another phone.  Not a great way to start my day, but it could be worse WRONG AGAIN CRACKED SCREEN BREATH!


Today on the morning show we talked compulsive buying and how much it cost us.  Plus Gold Medal Hockey!

Stupid new:  No the loss of my phone is not included!  A lottery win: A nasty divorce and a tiny bathroom at a big price.


Laff lines: Jeff Dye on being immature