Something caught my eye this morning confirming something I already knew.   The people of Utah are a very generous group of people

  The annual list of the most and least generous states in America hit the web for giving Tuesday yesterday. said the researchers looked at things like how many people volunteer, and how much the average person donates each year.

And once again, UTAH took the top spot.  It was also #1 last year.


The top 10 for 2017 are Utah, Maryland, Minnesota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, South Dakota, Georgia, and Oklahoma.

The 10 LEAST generous states overall are Hawaii, Rhode Island, Nevada, Louisiana, Arizona, Texas, Florida, California, Montana, and Kentucky.

Utah, Illinois, and New Hampshire tied for the highest percentage of residents who donated to at least one charity.

Utah also had the highest volunteer rate, and tied Georgia and Wyoming for donating the largest percentage of their income.

That makes so proud to live here but also humbled by knowing us (I) could do so much more.

I want to quote something I read once written by Geoff Johns.

This is not an exact quote but it gets to point “We see so much misery in the world, from a lone gunman, discrimination, poverty, deep depression, wars, and weapons of mass destruction.  Where can I start to make a difference?

You start somewhere, a friendly smile, a helping hand any act of kindness towards another is an act that makes our world a better place.

That hit me hard when I read it a few years ago and has made me think about  being kind to someone to try to lift there spirts.  I try to start somewhere.

Now comes the part that might surprise you that quote came from a COMIC BOOK.  “The Justice League” Yes a comic book but what a great message.

If you want to help someone start somewhere or you can visit   10 families who need help and see what each family needs and them bring your unwrapped gift to the Cache valley media group 810 west 200 North in Logan.


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