In the movie Good Morning Vietnam, Robin Williams character who is a Radio D.J.  Does two voices when talking about the weather.



That is kind of the way I look at the weather predictions.  I am not here to argue anything about ‘CLIMATE CHANGE”.  But I can say this, The National Weather Forecast does a good job in helping us decide what to wear today.

Sunny and hot, Cold and snowy, Stormy and wet. All things we need to know.

But how accurate are these forecast.  PRETTY DANG GOOD!  But how good.

According to a weather forecast reliability is less accurate the father out you go.

A 5 day forecast is 90% accurate

A 7 day forecast is 80 % accurate

But a forecast of 10 or more days is about a 50% accurate.

So I always take these long range forecast with more than a grain of salt.

As a kid I was fascinated by weather and that continues today.

I would watch the forecast and the weather maps to make my own predictions by watching cold fronts, stationary fronts and warm fronts move magically on the map.

I thought about being a weather forecaster until I found out you had to learn math and oops I was terrible at math.

In 1987 I moved to Missouri and they were in the middle of a drought that some forecasters were saying would continue for a long time.  I leave Missouri 7 years later with 2 years of record flooding on the books

I have seen 1st hand the aftermath of tornado’s and severe weather.  I was live on the radio late one night when a tornado was sighted in the area and KABLAMO the radio station’s antenna was struck by lightning and that lightning traveled into our studio’s and knocked me for a loop.

I hunkered down at the radio station in Louisiana as the eye of a hurricane passed directly over us.

Heavy snowfall, blizzards, ground blizzards, Ice storms and just cold cold cold rain.  IT WAS COLD.

So as summer is moving into fall I look forward to the changing leaves and the cooler weather and wait to see if we receive our first snowfall before Halloween and if there will be snow on Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas.

That is what make weather so fascinating to me is the predicable unpredictability of it all.

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