A former bandmate of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has confirmed that Cuomo recorded an entire unreleased rap album about being a vegetarian while also writing songs for Weezer's 1994 self-titled debut, a.k.a. the Blue Album.

Jason Cropper, who played guitar alongside Cuomo in the pre-Weezer band Sixty Wrong Sausages, told Rolling Stone for a 25th anniversary retrospective of the Blue Album that the rap project was called Vegeterrorists.

Cropper explained, "Rivers can drop mad beats and spit mad rhymes with the best. And if I stayed in the band, we would've done records like that years ago."

Cuomo created the Vegeterrorists material while writing a series of 50 songs, many of which would form the basis of the first Weezer album. He told us a while back that his own urban music influences gradually vanished as Weezer came into being: "After the first, what was it, seven or eight months of being in Weezer, our sound was just getting more focused and more white, really, more straight. And all of the black influence I'd had as a musician growing up was getting whitewashed right out of my music."

The only released evidence of Cuomo's early rap inclinations is a demo of the singer/guitarist covering Ice Cube's "The Bomb."

Weezer's most recent albums were a collection of covers called the Teal Album and an all-new set known as the Black Album, both of which came out in 2019.