To describe my Thursday August 29th I would use three words


My day started off as most days do with the alarm waking me up at 4:15 am and then me calling the alarm clock several words that I cannot write in this blog.

I get up and take care of the three S’s, SHOWER, SHAVE AND …………. SHAMPOO!

I worked on morning show and when that was over I had an hour to do some behind the scenes stuff.  That is when hectic set in.   I was almost finished with a project and it is weekly meeting time.

It was lunch time I left to go home to have lunch with my wife and more hectic began.  A short lunch and a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG Dr. Visit about a problem in my elbow.    I want get into details here but let’s just say there was something that I wasn’t expecting, (MORE AT A LATTER DATE)

Dr. visit over back to the station for a bit then home to start working on some things for the Rocky Mt. Kickoff.  I had been asked to be the Public Address announcer.  So my wife and I worked on wording for the event.

I was getting hungry so a quick dinner and off to Maverick Stadium for the Double header of High school football.

As with any large scale event everyone was working hard to have contained confusion.  Most things went smoothly, my wife spotting for me so I could at least attempt to announce the play.  Then it happened HALFTIME, the music for the Logan Hi- Lo’s dance squad had not made it to the Press box.  I announce the young ladies who stood at mid field for quite a while before they walked off.   Then out of the blue the music arrives and we get them onto the field to perform.   At the same time there my text was buzzing a lot with communications but we got through it.

The second half of the Preston, Logan game went well with some interesting fun high school football.  But as the game wound down I was getting information from security that a Thunderstorm was on its way.   Preston and Logan ended the game and we started getting ready for game two and I got the word LIGHTNING!

The game went into delay because of the impending storm.  WHAT A STORM IT WAS,   On the PA I was asking fans to seek shelter. Most left the field but a few stragglers sat in the stadium, I even notice three or four with umbrella’s trying to stay dry.

Let’s think about this one.  Umbrellas are made of metal.  Then lightning loves metal and like I said it was quite a storm rain was hard, the wind was strong and the lighting was near.  I am just glad nothing happened.

As the weather improved and a long delay coming out onto the field the teams from Skyview and Shelly.   Without the storm the game would have started about 8:30 instead it started about 9:45pm.

I knew I had to get up at 4:15 am on Friday and man was I getting tired and I could see and hear others in the PA booth were getting tired.

The game was sloppy, Shelly had not played a game this year and it showed with several penalties slowing things down.   Skyview dominated the game which ended early … not early as in AM but early because another storm hit , no rain at the location but there was an incredible light show for us as the game was stopped with almost 5 minutes to go .   TIME TO GO HOME AND BED!

11:45 and my wife was off to bed but not me NOOOOOO I was thirsty and still kind of pumped up from the game and the day.  Finally at 12:45 I crawled no fell into bed and then it happened 4:15am and that stupid alarm clock.

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Today on the morning show

Stupid news: a man with a few screws loose and a lawsuit over a chicken sandwich.


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