Life is like a baseball game.  Sometimes we get a hit maybe a homerun and then life throws us a curveball.  I can’t hit a curveball.

This morning I woke up a little early and thought “I have a lot to do today get ready and go to the station a little early to get that head start you need.  I shower shave and …… other things go into the kitchen have a little breakfast and I am ready to head out the door about 20 minutes early!  Or so I thought,


So I ask myself the stupid question, “Where did you have them last” WELL IF I KNEW THAT I WOULD KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!

So I start the search at 4:45am and finally at 5: 20 I gave up told the wife I would use her key today and then start the search again when I got home…

So on a day when I needed to get to the station early I was almost 30 minutes late.  Stupid Keys, Stupid Baseball analogy, Stupid me.

Today on the morning show we talked about saving money by cooking at home.  Today is Amazon Prime day do you care, and listen to a bluegrass version of Africa by TOTO

Stupid news:   High fashion is Stupid and expensive.  A reporter in Phoenix survives a storm


Laff Lines:  Having Veggies at a Steak House