This kind of thing rarely happens to me, but it did this weekend.  From start to end it was great.

Friday, the oldest child of some friends of ours spent time with us.  He is 16 but we had a blast.  I even tried to explain Pro- Wrestling to him. (I don’t think he will be a fan like I am)\

Saturday was a day of looking for thrift store finds and I found more than a few.   We even visited two locations of Toys r us and the going out of business sale.   The deals were incredible but the selection is dwindling every day.

Saturday night was the WWE event at the Maverick center and as a lifelong fan I loved every minute of it.    I won’t go into a lot of details yet.  I will leave that to the podcast Turnbuckle Trash.  It is not online yet but I will let you know when.  It should be a good one all about the WWE experience.

The one thing from Saturday night that was exciting was watching with some friends, and making new ones.   One of the friends who was there was Mitch Henlin and his brother Drew  .  Mitch had his 1st live pro wrestling event ever.     I had Mitch in the studio this morning and wanted to hear what he thought

Sunday was full of Flea Markets and baseball.    At the Flea market it was HOT HOT HOT.  I also realized I am getting older, my old knees, even the new one was feeling old

When you go to a game you need a dog and I got a dog!   AND I ATE THE DOG!  It was a beautiful day, our seats were in the shade with a slight breeze from the north hitting my back.  I was so relaxed that I feel asleep for an inning and a half.   I don’t know the last time I felt so relaxed.  There is something about a ballpark that just mellows me out.

From start to end one of best weekends ever!   If only each weekend was that nice.  We know better, not every weekend can be fun, but we need them.

Hope yours was great too!  I am looking forward to another great weekend. Do I dare have two in a row?  You will have to tuned next Monday, same bat time and same bat channel.


Morning show fun:

Stupid news:  A stupid cop and a stupid crook

Laff Lines :  George Carlin  words