As you know I took a few days off last week as a STAYCATION.

Wednesday was also my Birthday, however it was also the day my wife had been scheduled for a minor surgery.  She needed to have it done as soon as possible so I told her “As long as I get cake I am fine”

The Dr who did her surgery also did the knee replacement I had a couple of years ago, so we knew him and his staff very well.  His P.A. and I have a running feud going, I am a St. Louis Cardinal fan and he is a Cubs fan.  There has been a lot of good natured ribbing for a few years.  But he topped it all on Wednesday.  My wife had been wearing her Cards T shirt with pride but of course for surgery she had to wear one of those fashionable hospital gowns.   As she come back from her procedure I am hearing laughing in the hall and she turns the corner and on top of her head they had placed a Chicago Cubs Scrubs cap.     WELL DONE BEN, WELL DONE.   I will have to think a long time to top that one but I as a lifelong Cardinals fan cannot let any Cub fan top me like that.


The rest of the STAYCATION was trying to help my wife with her needs.  My Mother in law brought some great food (she is a really good cook) Friends brought over a Batman themed cake as we celebrated my Birthday on Thursday.  The rest of the time it was naps, watching TV, reading comic books and working in my comic book room.

It was great, no pressure, good food cake and NAPS.   I took 3 naps on Thursday and Friday.   It was great, after waking up at 4:15 this morning and yawning all morning long I think I need another nap.  Nope I need another STAYCATION!


Today it is National Cheese day and I had to salute cheese

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